Managing the Heart Failure at Home

Heart Failure at Home

As a caregiver, you should closely monitor your loved ones with heart failure day to day, time to time and react accordingly.

The patient feels GOOD today

Situation: He/She breathes easily and has energy. No swelling in his/her ankles or legs. No weight gain. No decrease in his/her ability to maintain a normal activity level.
Action: Continue the usual activities. Don’t forget to take medicine and weigh the patient. Follow a low salt diet. Remind the patient of the next physician appointment

The patient feels OK today

Situation: He/She is more short of breath than usual, especially when lying flat, increased fatigue, weakness, and more tired, weight gain of 2 lbs in 24 hours OR 3-5 lbs in 1 week, shoes or pants are tight, dizziness or lightheadedness when he/she rises, irregular or rapid heartbeat.
Action: DO NOT WAIT and hope your symptoms improve. Call the patient’s physician

The patient feels NOT-OK today

Situation: He/She is severely short of breath, feels dizzy or faint, feels scared about not being able to breathe, sudden or severe chest pain/pressure, frothy sputum
Action: Call 911 or take the patient to the nearest Emergency Room